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Department of Archaeology



Project Principal Investigators

Dr C.A. Petrie—Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
Prof. R.N. Singh—Department of Archaeology , Banaras Hindu University

Key Collaborators

Dr C.A.I. French—Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
Prof. P. Gibbard—Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
Prof. A. Goudie—Department of Geography, University of Oxford
Dr S. Gupta—Department Earth Sciences, Imperial College London
Dr T. Higham—RLAHA, University of Oxford
Prof. A.K. Singvi—Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
Prof. R. Sinha—Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Dr R. Tewari—Uttar Pradesh State Archaeological Department
Prof. K.D. Thomas—Institute of Archaeology, UCL

Student involvement

Jennifer Bates—Institute of Archaeology, UCL
Yama Dixit—University of Cambridge
Penny Jones-University of Cambridge
Sayantani Neogi—University of Cambridge
Danika Parikh—University of Cambridge
Vikas Pawar_MD University Rohtak
Dheerendra Singh-Banaras Hindu University
Manisha Singh—Banaras Hindu University
Vikas Singh—Banaras Hindu University

Affiliated scholars

Prof. David Hodell
Dr. Carla Lancelotti
Prof. Marco Madella
Dr K.S. Saraswat




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