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The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research produces an annual report called ‘Archaeology at Cambridge’ which showcases the research of archaeologists in Cambridge, the work being undertaken by members of the Institute’s laboratories as well as projects funded by the DM McDonald Grants and Awards Fund.

You can also see new publications for the McDonald Monographs and Conversations Series, as well as the Cambridge Archaeological Journal, and the many varied, outreach events that take place each year.


Our Annual Reports can be downloaded below as pdf files:

2020-2022      2019-2020    

2018-2019      2017-2018     2016-2017     2015-2016     2014-2015     2013-2014   

2012–2013     2011–2012    2010–2011     2009–2010​    2008–2009    2007–2008    

2006–2007     2005–2006    2004–2005​    2003–2004      2002–2003    2001–2002


If you wish to obtain hard copies of any particular year, please contact .