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The Material Culture Research Hub is an open and dynamic research cluster for research on all aspects of material culture archaeology at Cambridge. However, the Hub actively includes material culture theory and researchers from aligned disciplines all interested in thinking about things and their relationship with people and society. Membership is open to all researchers interested in material culture and includes postgraduate students, post-doctoral researchers and research staff. Current research conducted within the Hub spans from the Palaeolithic art to modern heritage concerns and identity construction and everything in between. Among many other places, members work in Argentina, India, the Mediterranean, Malta, Turkey, Scandinavia, Egypt and Britain. Our ethos of theoretical and material opens up the door to thinking about what constitutes material culture and how we, as social scientists and archaeologists, think about it. 

The Material Culture Research Hub focuses upon theoretical discussion; it is interdependent with the Pitt-Rivers Laboratory, where scientific analysis of material objects takes place

The most important aspect of the Material Culture Research Hub is the encouragement of dialogue and thought. The Hub periodically hosts workshops, roundtables and conferences to promote interdisciplinary and/or topic-related dialogues. If you are interested in attending or developing a workshop through the lab, please speak to the manager. The Hub also sponsors the occasional conference. All of our events are open to the wider archaeology and academic research community.

Membership is not exclusive, but it does require an individual to be willing to participate in Hub events and present on occasion at one of our lunchtime meetings.  If you would like more information regarding membership please contact the Material Culture Research Hub Manager.

The Material Culture Research Hub is outward looking - we want to engage with others interested in material culture and discuss similarities - and differences - in how we interpret the relationship between things and people.  

Contact Us

Material Culture Research Hub
Department of Archaeology
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3DZ

Directors John Robb, Elizabeth DeMarraisMarcos Martinon-Torres

Hub Manager Sheila Kohring