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Mesopotamian Films

The Poor Man of Nippur

This film of The Poor Man of Nippur was shot in June 2017, and released (after post-production work) on 27th November 2018.

The screenplay can be accessed here.

The film was acted by Assyriology students and other members of the Cambridge Mesopotamian community. Shooting locations were in several Cambridge Colleges, King's Parade, The British Museum, Flag Fen Archaeological Park, and countryside near Grantchester.

The project was funded by The Philological Society, The Thriplow Charitable Trust, The Judith Wilson Fund, The CHW Johns Fund for Assyriology, St John's College, Trinity College, The Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas, and The London Centre for the Ancient Near East.

News coverage appeared in the following outlets:

Newspapers The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail,Il FoglioEl MundoThe Bobr Times

TV the BBC News at six (27.xi.2018, from 27:35); Reuters TV

Radio Newsday and Newshour in the BBC World Service; the BBC World Service in Arabic; Canadian Public Radio

News websites SBS NewsHurriyetNewsfeed.MediaSkai (in Modern Greek); (in Russian); Sputnik-Ossetia (in Russian); (in Modern Greek); (in Spanish); (in Arabic), (in Spanish); Gulf News; N+1 (in Russian and Spanish); Ethnos (in Modern Greek); (in Russian); DKN (in Russian); Sputnik News (in German and Polish);tert.amOnzeTaal nieuwsbrief (in Dutch); Social Stories for KidsEkṣiṣeyler (in Turkish); RT Deutsch (in German); Gloria Mundi (in Russian); The Vintage News.

Specialist websites The Ancient World Online;  Ancient Orgins; Biblical Archaeology.


The Poor Man of Nippur - Behind the Scenes


Assyriology as a University Subject


Footage by Jonnie Howard and Anna Kyriazidou.  Edited by James Murray-White and Selena Wisnom. Directed by Selena Wisnom and Martin Worthington.  Featuring Cambridge Assyriology students.

Click here for information about the Sixth Form (i.e. High School) Conference mentioned in the video.


A stray Sumerian tablet