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The Grahame Clark Laboratory for Zooarchaeology at the University of Cambridge is home to researchers working on various aspects of animal remains including palaeodietary and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, animal domestication, taphonomy and symbolic aspects of faunal remains. In addition, the laboratory includes researchers working on human skeletal material from historic and prehistoric contexts.  

A yearly zooarchaeology course is taught to undergraduate and postgraduate students; human osteology is taught on a biannual basis. This provides a basic training in faunal and human osteological analysis and forms the basis for future research open to such students through dissertation or project work. The course is supported by the annual experimental butchery practical for zooarchaeologists, Palaeolithic/Mesolithic students and Flint enthusiasts. This provides an opportunity to teach the applications of experimental work within the field of zooarchaeology. Researchers within the laboratory periodically hold seminars on their research such that developments can be seen and a network of support is formed between members. Further to this the laboratory is active within the wider group of zooarchaeologists, attending conferences and presenting work.


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Grahame Clark Laboratory
Department of Archaeology
West Building
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3ER

Director Dr Preston T Miracle
Manager Jessica Rippengal