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To apply for admission to all MPhil degrees in the Archaeology Department, visit the Postgraduate Admissions Office website and consult the information on the application procedure found in the University Prospectus Postgraduate Study at Cambridge.

Applications for all MPhil degrees can be submitted from September through the end of April for entry in the following academic year. Early application (by mid–December) is encouraged, particularly if the applicant is applying for funding, since earlier deadlines will apply.

Please address subject specific admissions queries only to the Department's Postgraduate Admissions Administrator. Questions on course content and structure should be directed to the Teachng administrator.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for applicants with a real passion for further study and research in Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Heritage Studies, or the languages and cultures of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

We welcome your application if you have an excellent first degree in archaeology, biological anthropology, or a related subject or subjects. Our MPhils also offer a compact, coherent introduction to their fields, and make an excellent entry point for someone wishing to move into Archaeology, Heritage, Biological Anthropology, Egyptology and Assyriology from other fields. Indeed, the MPhil programmes offer a wonderful chance to study alongside students from a remarkable range of places and backgrounds. 

We value diversity, of background and outlook, and we welcome talented students from around the world.

Entry requirements

For information about entry requirements, please check the University’s Postgraduate admissions website.

How do I choose a college? 

All colleges admit postgraduate students in Archaeology, whether or not they have fellows in the subject. Some considerations might be whether you want a historic or a newer college; a college in a central location or a more spacious outlying one; or a college with a large or small student body. Some colleges also have strengths in particular activities you may be interested in (often sport, drama or music). We recommend visiting various colleges, either in person or virtually, and picking one you like the feel of.

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