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Professor Charles Andrew Ivey French

Professor Charles Andrew Ivey French

Professor in Geoarchaeology

Director of the McBurney Laboratory for Geoarchaeology

Fellow of St Edmund’s College

Charles French is accepting applications for PhD students.

Charles French is available for consultancy.

Office 1.3, West Building
Division of Archaeology
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3DZ
Office Phone: 01223 333533


Charles/Charly was born and brought up in the small town of Dundas at the western end of Lake Ontario in Canada. He started digging at Wharram Percy in East Yorkshire in 1971 and never really looked back. After a BA in Archaeology at Cardiff, 1972-75, his first digging job was with Francis Pryor at Fengate, interspersed with fieldwork at Karnak with Don Redford. After two years of fieldwork, and a few months at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto recording their British flint collections, he did a Masters in Environmental Archaeology at the Institute in London (1977-78) under Prof Geoff Dimbleby. He then went back into the field full-time with Pryor as part of the Welland Valley Project team, and started an external PhD at the Institute in 1979. He dug throughout his PhD, using the prehistoric fen-edge sites he was excavating to form the basis of a palaeo-environmental history of the fen-edge of northern Cambridgeshire. After completing his PhD in June, 1983, with the sponsorship of the British Museum and the Department of Environment (which then looked after archaeological projects in England) he obtained his first work permit, and has been in East Anglia ever since. In that same year, Francis Pryor, Maisie Taylor and he formed Fenland Archaeological Trust, where he was assistant director and palaeo-environmentalist and ran a digging team as a day-job and developed his specialisms in molluscan and micromorphological analyses on the side. He continued these dual roles until April 1, 1992, when he took up a Lectureship in Archaeological Science here in Cambridge.


He specialises in the analysis and interpretation of buried landscapes using geomorphological and micromorphological techniques, and acts as an environmental archaeology consultant and micromorphologist for many archaeological units in eastern England and beyond. He manages a fully equipped geoarchaeological and micromorphological laboratory (with Tonko Rajkovača), has been Head of Department three times, and he directs the annual Departmental training excavation in conjunction with the Cambridge Archaeological Unit.

Research Interests


I conduct research on the application of archaeological techniques and micromorphological analytical techniques to the interpretation of buried landscapes, the processes responsible for the degradation of landscapes, and on the interpretation of the use of domestic space on settlement sites.  Particular emphasis is placed on the recognition of formation processes and human impact on landscapes, especially deforestation, agriculture, soil erosion, dewatering and desertification.


Prof French is currently involved with a number of research projects: multi-disciplinary investigations of Neolithic/Bronze Age environmental change in the Kennet River around Avebury; geomorphological and micromorphological investigations of Holocene erosion and palaeosol sequences in the Sava River basin of northern Bosnia, the Posada river valley of eastern Sardinia, the Neolithic of Malta and Gozo, the River Ica valley of southern Peru, as well as investigations of the Indus valley floodplain in Haryana province of northern India and the associated Harappan period sites, and the Bronze Age pile dwellings of Must Farm in Cambridgeshire and Viverone in northern Italy. He is involved in a number of research projects in East Africa (in Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania) that are investigating the success and failure of irrigated field systems. In addition, he oversees a variety of projects by doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows on the use of space in domestic structures using micromorphological techniques, for example in East Anglia, northern Italy, India, Sudan, Kenya and Peru.


I am presently involved in the following research projects:

2012-18: One River Project: Changes in Ancient Land and Water-Use along the Rio Ica, South-Central Andes, with Drs D Beresford-Jones and K Lane; Leverhulme Trust and match-funding private donation

2012-17: Archaeology of Agricultural Resilience in Eastern Africa (AAREA), with Dr D Stump, York; EU/ERC

2013-18: Fragility and sustainability in restricted island environments (FRAGSUS), with Prof C Malone and Dr S Stoddart; EU/ERC

2016-21: Living with monuments (Avebury), with Dr J Pollard and Dr D Gillings; AHRC

2015-18: Must Farm Excavations: geoarchaeology and micromorphology of the Late Bronze Age settlement site, with M Knight and CAU; Historic England and Fonterra

2015-18: Finding Alcatrazes, Cape Verde, with Dr M Sorensen and C Evans and Dr MJ Allen (AEA); National Geographic

2016-17: New applied approaches to African farming systems: the long-term history and archaeology of farming in Tiv, Nigeria, with Dr E Orijemie; Royal Society/Newton International Fellowship

2014-17: Sa massaria: Historical ecology of farming systems in Sardinia, with Drs G Serreli, R Melis and F Sulas; CNR; 2014-17

2013-17: Transmission of innovations: comparison and modeling of early farming practices and associated technologies in Europe (EUROFARM), with Dr M Vander Linden; EU/ERC

2016-21: Two Rains: Ecological and human landscapes of the Indus Civilisation, India, with Dr C Petrie; EU/ERC

2016-18: Viverone, Italy: Geoarchaeological investigations of a Neolithic lake dwelling, with Prof F Menotti; University of Bradford and National Geographic


Research Supervision

I currently supervise students investigating in a range of topics in applications of geoarchaeology and micromorphology. I am interested in supervising students who wish to study for an MPhil or a PhD in the following topics:

-          experimental and ethnographic geoarchaeology

-          landscape change and human impact

-          development of farming systems

-          recognition of human activities


Current Students:

Jeremy Bennett

Alessandro Ceccarelli

Petros Chatzimpalaglou

Malcolm Connolly

Matthew Dalton

David Kay

Huiru Lian

Ian Ostericher

Bongumenzi Nxumalo

Miranda Semple

Joanna Walker


Past Students:

Dr Manuel Arroyo-Kalin

Dr Gianna Ayala

Dr Andrea Balbo

Dr Nicole Boivin

Dr Katherine Boulden

Dr Melissa Goodman-Elgar

Dr Kathryn Hall

Dr Ann-Maria Hart

Dr Robyn Inglis

Dr Emma Jenkins

Dr Gabriella Kovacs

Dr Heejin Lee

Dr Helen Lewis

Dr Eduardo Machicado

Dr Stefania Merlo (Advisor)

Dr Karen Milek

Prof Nicky Milner

Dr Allan Morton

Dr Sayantani Neogi

Dr Mary Ownby

Dr Ivana Ozan (External: Buenos Aires)

Dr Clea Paine

Dr Fraser Sturt

Dr Federica Sulas

Dr Sean Taylor

Dr Paul van Pelt (Advisor)

Dr Gillian Wallace

Dr Jung-Youn Woo

Dr Yijie Zhuang



I am involved in the teaching of the following courses:

Paper A2: Archaeology in action

Paper ARC06/07: Archaeological Theory and Practice I and II: Landscapes and environments

Paper ARC08: Introduction to Archaeological Science

Paper ARC09: Archaeological Science II

Paper G10: MPhil in Archaeological Science

Paper G32: MPhil Archaeological Science projects

Introduction to micromorphological analysis (practical course)

Other Professional Activities

I am Director of the McBurney Laboratory for Geoarchaeology

Pilkington Teaching Prize (June, 2009)

Head of Department: 2000-2005; M 2014; Head of Division: 2012-15

University Moderator, Institute of Continuing Education: for Landscape courses, 2000-present

Member of editorial board of the Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society since 1998

Steering committee member for Developing International Geoarchaeology since 2005

Council member and trustee of Fenland Archaeological Trust, 1992-2015

Chartered member of the Institute for Archaeologists, 1983-present


  • Occupation sequences
  • Micromorphology
  • Buried landscapes
  • Palaeosoils
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Landscape change
  • Microarchaeology
  • Archaeology


  • Archaeology
  • Archaeological Science

Key Publications


French C.A.I., Scaife R. and Allen M.J. (2012). Durrington Walls to West Amesbury by way of Stonehenge: A major transformation of Holocene landscape. Antiquaries Journal, 92, 1-36. DOI: 10.1017/S0003581512000704.


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French C.A.I., Sulas F. and Madella M. (2009). New geoarchaeological investigations of the valley systems in the Aksum area of northern Ethiopia. CATENA, 78, 218-233. DOI: 10.1016/j.catena.2009.02.010.

Other Publications

Books/monographs/journal special issues:


Serreli, G., Melis, R.T., French, C. and Sulas, F. (eds.) 2017. Sa massaria: Ecologia storica dei sistemi di lavoro contadino in Sardegna. Istituto di Storia dell’Europa Mediterranea, Cagliari


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Journal papers:


Rowley, C., French, C. and Milner, N. 2018. Geochemistry of the central and western structures. In Milner, N., Conneller, C, and Taylor, B. (eds.) Star Carr Volume 2: Studies in technology, subsistence and environment, pp. 161-174. York: White Rose Press. ( CC BY-NC 4.0)


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