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Professor Charles Andrew Ivey French

Professor Charles Andrew Ivey French

Professor in Geoarchaeology

Charles French is accepting applications for PhD students.

Charles French is available for consultancy.

Office 1.3, West Building
Division of Archaeology
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3DZ
Office Phone: 01223 333533

Research Interests

For more than the past two decades his main research interests have centred around the application of archaeological techniques and micromorphological analytical techniques to the interpretation of buried landscapes, the processes responsible for the degradation of landscapes, and more recently on the interpretation of the use of domestic space on settlement sites. Particular emphasis is placed on the recognition of formation processes and human impact on landscapes, especially deforestation, agriculture, soil erosion, dewatering and desertification.

He also acts as an environmental archaeology consultant and micromorphologist for numerous contracting units in many parts of southern and eastern England. Regions and countries of special research interest currently include the East Anglian fenlands and the river systems that drain into them, the chalk downlands of Wessex, the Channel Islands, central Bosnia, northwestern India, southern Patagonia and Peru.

Research Supervision

Current Students:

Kathryn Jane Boulden

Matthew Neale Dalton

Kathryn Elizabeth Hall

Eduardo Pedro Machicado Murillo

Sayantani Neogi


Past Students:

Gabriella Kovacs

Jung-Youn Woo

Federica Sulas

Mary Faye Ownby

Heejin Lee

Key Publications


French C.A.I., Scaife R. and Allen M.J. (2012). Durrington Walls to West Amesbury by way of Stonehenge: A major transformation of Holocene landscape. Antiquaries Journal, 92, 1-36. DOI: 10.1017/S0003581512000704.


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French C.A.I., Sulas F. and Madella M. (2009). New geoarchaeological investigations of the valley systems in the Aksum area of northern Ethiopia. CATENA, 78, 218-233. DOI: 10.1016/j.catena.2009.02.010.

Other Publications



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Edited books


C.A.I. French, F.M. Pryor and M. Armour-Chelu (eds.), (1992). The South-West Fen Dyke Survey Project 1982–86. (East Anglian Archaeology Report 59.) Peterborough: Fenland Archaeological Trust.


Articles & Chapters


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