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Department of Archaeology


Science, Technology and Innovation 

Our vision for Archaeological Science at Cambridge is the integrated use of relevant scientific methods to analyse organic remains and material culture in order to enrich our archaeological interpretation from site contexts to societies. In addition, there is a strong strand of research that seeks to understand the fundamental process which generates this data, so we can contribute to method developments and make science-grounded inferences about the past. We also strive to lead on the use of digital and computational methods to model and analyse complex datasets.

In pursuit of this vision, a large and diverse team of academic staff, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students and technicians use our advanced analytical facilities ( see Archaeological Science Laboratories) to explore a wide range of projects (see Science, Technology and Innovation).

Archaeological science is integrated in our teaching at all levels. For more specialised training, we offer a new MPhil in Archaeological Science, and we are always happy to hear from prospective students interested in joining us for doctoral research.