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MPhil Modules

MPhil Modules

Module NumberModule TitleModule Co-ordinator(s)
G01 Research Skills Dr P Miracle, Prof J Robb
G02 Core Archaeology Prof M L S Sorensen, Prof M Jones
G03 Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Archaeology Dr P Miracle


European Prehistory Prof M L S Sorensen
G06 Medieval Europe: 5-11th centuries AD Dr S Hakenbeck
G08 Archaeology of the Americas Dr E DeMarrais
G09 South Asian Archaeology Dr J Hawkes
G10 Archaeological Science

Prof C French

G17 Historical Archaeology of Ancient Egypt I Dr K Spence
G18 Historical Archaeology of Ancient Egypt II Dr K Spence
G19 Landscapes, Built Environment & Material Culture of Ancient Egypt Dr K Spence
G22 Akkadian Language & Texts Dr S Wisnom
G23 Advanced Akkadian Language & Texts Dr S Wisnom
G24 Archaeology of Mesopotamia I: Prehistory and early states (alternates yearly with G25) Dr A McMahon
G25 Archaeology of Mesopotamia II: Territorial states to Empires Dr A McMahon
G26 Mesopotamian Culture I: Literature Dr S Wisnom
G29 Sociopolitics of the Past Dr M L S Sorensen
G31 Management of Archaeological Heritage

Dr D Viejo Rose

G32 Practical Applications of Scientific Methods

Prof C French

G33 Special Topics in Heritage Studies

Dr Lila Janik

G34 The Archaeology of Africa

Prof Paul Lane