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MPhil Modules

MPhil Modules

Module NumberModule TitleModule Co-ordinator(s)
G01 Research Skills Prof C Broodbank, Prof J Robb
G02 Core Archaeology Prof M L S Sorensen, Prof M Jones
G03 Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Archaeology Dr P Nigst, Dr P Miracle


European Prehistory Prof M L S Sorensen
G06 Medieval Europe: 5-11th centuries AD Dr S Hakenbeck
G08 Archaeology of the Americas Dr E DeMarrais
G09 South Asian Archaeology Dr C Petrie
G10 Archaeological Science Prof C French
G13 Intoduction to Egyptian Language Dr H Papazian
G14 Advanced Egyptian Language Dr H Papazian
G18 Historical Archaeology of Ancient Egypt II Dr K Spence
G19 Landscapes, Built Environment & Material Culture of Ancient Egypt Dr K Spence
G20 Topics in Egyptology Dr K Spence
G21 Sumerian Language & Texts Dr M Worthington
G22 Akkadian Language & Texts Dr M Worthington
G23 Advanced Akkadian Language & Texts Dr M Worthington
G25 Archaeology of Mesopotamia II: Territorial states to Empires Dr A McMahon
G26 Mesopotamian Culture I: Literature Dr M Worthington
G29 Sociopolitics of the Past Dr M L S Sorensen
G30 Museums: History, Theory, Practice Dr L Janik
G31 Management of Archaeological Heritage Dr D Viejo Rose
G32 Practical Applications of Scientific Methods Prof C French


Not all MPhil modules will be run every year and prospective students are advised to contact the Graduate Administrator to check that modules they wish to study will be available in the academic year they are applying for.