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Cambridge Archaeological Journal


The Cambridge Archaeological Journal is a leading international journal for social archaeology. It publishes articles on the archaeology of every region, from the northern latitudes through the global South and even Antarctica, and on every period from the earliest stages of human evolution and cognition through to the archaeology of contemporary cities. CAJ also publishes articles on archaeological theory and empirical discoveries whose significance transcends a specific region. CAJ’s articles are distinctive for their focus upon ideas and interpretation; while articles may deal with the archaeology of a specific place or method, they also discuss conceptual aspects to engage compellingly archaeologists working with other materials. 

As well as individual articles, CAJ periodically publishes special thematic sections. The journal is published four times a year, with articles appearing online in advance as well; it is indexed in leading journal indexes, has a distinguished editorial board including scholars of international repute, and offers options for full Open Access. The co-editors are Elizabeth DeMarrais and John Robb. 

For more information, including editorial policies, editorial contacts, and instructions and advice for contributors, see here