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Cambridge Archaeological Journal

The Cambridge Archaeological Journal (ISSN 0959-7743) was founded in 1991 as one of the key initiatives of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. It has come to be recognized as one of the leading journals in archaeological theory. CAJ is published four times a year in February, May, August and November with articles available online earlier in many cases. It is indexed in all major journal indexes. All articles in CAJ are peer-reviewed; peer review is usually completed within two months from submission.

CAJ covers significant archaeological research, both theoretical and descriptive. We are keen to receive articles and other material that deals with broadly-defined social, symbolic and cognitive issues such as art and iconography, burial and ritual, social process and change, the meaning of material culture, representations and symbolism, and the evolution of human cognition. We aim to promote research into these issues, and to provoke discussion and debate. Discussion features, debates, and thematic special sections are all possible formats for publication in CAJ.

CAJ has no restriction on period or place, and we are happy to receive material from any part of the world. Recently published papers have spanned the whole range of archaeology from the Lower Palaeolithic to contemporary archaeology and heritage issues, and from the Pacific to Central Asia, from Maya cities to Neolithic northwest Europe. We recognise that scholarship is international and we welcome manuscripts from authors whose first language is not English. Please note that CAJ has a broad, international readership: we usually ask that papers identify a general topic or theoretical issue to which they are relevant and are written to be understandable by people who are not specialised in the topic. Papers which are written in ways principally accessible to and of interest to area or period specialists are probably more suitable for regional or topical journals.

CAJ supports Open Access to journals under the policies of our publisher, Cambridge University Press. Our “Green” Open Access policy means that the final accepted manuscript can be freely circulated via an institutional web page or repository with no embargo period. Our “Gold” Open Access policy is that articles can be freely circulated in all ways, including via the Cambridge University Press website for the journal, upon payment of a one-off article processing charge. CAJ’s Open Access policy is fully compliant with UK and international government and granting body requirements.


All manuscripts should be submitted via CAJ’s online submission system.

Submission of an article is taken to imply that it has not previously been published, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Articles should normally be up to 10,000 words (including references); in exceptional cases, longer articles will be considered if their length is justified. An abstract of up to 180 words should be supplied. The affiliation and email address of each author should appear just before the references and a 50-word biography of each author specifying current academic position, subject interests and any relevant publications should be included after the bibliography.

All figures will be published online in colour; there is also provision for publishing some figures in colour in the print version. Papers submitted for review may include lower-resolution versions of figures either as separate files or embedded in the text. Figures for revised versions which have been accepted for publication should be submitted as individual high-quality digital files (preferably 600 dpi tiffs). There is some scope for including online supplementary material.

Manuscript Preparation (upon acceptance)

For matters of style, prospective contributors should use the current issue of the Journal as a guide to preferred practice. Detailed guidelines are available on the Publisher's website. Manuscripts may be submitted as written but, if accepted, must be converted to journal style before the article can go into production.

CAJ is distributed and marketed through Cambridge University Press. More details and subscription information are available at Cambridge Journals Online.

CAJ Contacts

Editor -  John Robb

Associate Editors - Elizabeth de MarraisAugusta McMahon

Book Reviews - Tom Leppard