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Department of Archaeology


Our Subjects


We engage with the archaeology of most regions of the world, from the fens of East Anglia to Antarctica, including Eurasia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania, as well as most periods of the past. We have an enduring reputation for radical, thought-provoking approaches to the analysis and interpretation of people as cultural and biological beings.

In addition, we have expanded to include world-class expertise is several other distinct fields. Through recent appointments we have grown our strength in next-generation archaeological science and computational analysis, supported by an extensive suite of well-equipped laboratories. We are the home for Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian studies at Cambridge, and integrate teaching and research on their archaeology and ancient languages (through original texts) to an exceptional degree. We have an established and now rapidly growing strength in the crucial field of Biological Anthropology and human evolutionary studies, with research ranging from fossil hominins to the behaviour, culture and phenotype of living populations. Last but not least, we have built upon our foundational role in the intellectual shaping of heritage studies by hosting the new Cambridge Heritage Research Centre.