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Lab Projects


  • Faunal analysis at Tell el Amarna, Egypt
  • Hunting strategies during the Middle/Early Upper Palaeolithic transition. Implications in human species competition and success
  • Kurnool Caves

Colleagues at the Division of Archaeology were saddened by the death in February 2013 of zooarchaeologists Professor Tony Legge. Tony worked on a wide range of project while at the University of Cambridge, links to some of these can be found below:

  • Tooth eruption age in wild and domestic pigs

Bone measurements and body weights from some Australian feral pigs


A tribute to Prof. Tony Legge by Prof. Graeme Barker is available on The Independent Newspaper website.

A tribute to Prof. Tony Legge by Prof. Peter Rowley-Conwy is available on the Antiquity Journal website.


Before he sadly passed away, Professor Legge had submitted a paper to the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, ‘Practice with Science’: Molar Tooth Eruption Ages in Domestic, Feral and Wild Pigs (Sus scrofa)'.

Although Tony's manuscript was in the process of being revised, the editors took the decision to make his original submission available for free download. You will find a link to his article here.

Professor Rowley-Conwy has written an introduction to the paper which was published in Volume 23, issue 3 of the journal.