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Department of Archaeology


Job Vacancies at the Department of Archaeology​

University Lecturer in Human Origins (closing date 31st March 2020). 

The appointment commitee for this post consists of Professor Cyprian Broodbank, Professor Marta Mirazón Lahr, Professor Paul Lane, Dr Tamsin O'Connell, Dr Philip Nigst and Professor Maria Martinón-Torres.

University Lecturer in Heritage Studies (closing date 8th May 2020).

The appointment committee for this post consists of Professor Cyprian Broodbank, Professor Helaine Silverman, Dr Dacia Viejo Rose, Professor Paul Lane, Dr Shailaja Fennel and Dr Lila Janik

University Lecturer in Environmental Archaeology (closing date 8th May 2020)

The appointment committee for this post consists of: Professor Cyprian Broodbank, Professor Paul Lane, Dr James Barrett, Dr Tamsin O'Connell, Professor Marcos Martinon-Torres, Professor Martin Bell (Reading), Emeritus Professor Glynnis Jones (Sheffield)


Temporary Teaching Associate in Egyptology (closing date 20th April 20)

Senior Teaching Associate in Quantitative Methods in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology (Part-Time, Fixed term; closing date 29th May 2020)



Other Funded Positions at the Department of Archaeology










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