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Department of Archaeology


The project will develop an innovative new model to examine the pivotal role of anthropogenic wetlands in the long transition to agriculture in the Levant. Remarkably, while this transition has been explored in some detail, we still do not have a good grasp on the long-term developments and causes of the origins of agriculture, mainly due to a lack of direct botanical evidence. Employing a novel interdisciplinary suite of microbotanical and geoarchaeological approaches to investigate an unmatched range of archaeological and paleoenvironmental contexts, Anthropogenic Wetlands will build an outstanding regional synthesis to explore how human-environment interactions shaped this critical transition.


Leverhulme Trust/ Issac Newton Trust

Project Tags

Environment, Landscapes and Settlement
Periods of interest: 
Geographical areas: 
Mesopotamia and the Near East
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Built Environment
Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies
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