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Image: Sāo Paulo Supermarket Credit: Patricia Boulhosa

The Material Culture Forum is an interdisciplinary research network with current members in half a dozen departments -- History, Archaeology, History of Art, English, Classics, History and Philosophy of Science, and others, along with several university museums. The Forum is open, however, to all those interested in material culture – from the hard sciences to the arts and humanities and everyone in between!

We meet once a term to discuss material culture theory and interpretation. Seminars focus upon specific themes, and involve short presentations and discussion. All staff and students are welcome, and we especially welcome participation by early career scholars (graduate students and postdocs).

Meetings in 2019/20:

  • Lent 2020 (hosted by History):  Religious Materiality or The Materiality of Religion and Cult


Following the cancellation of the Material Culture Forum workshop on Religious Materiality, some graduate students have written really interesting pieces to share here.

‘Ramadan at home and the materiality of prayer rugs’. - Yahya Nurgat

Jewish Gravestones and the Politics of Memory - Anna Parker

Rings, Kings, Saints and Toads - Róisín Donohoe

Thank you to Yahya, Anna and Róisín for sharing these links!

Meetings in 2018/19:

  • Michaelmas 2019 (hosted by Archaeology): Objectscapes
  • Easter 2019 (hosted by History of Art): Authenticity
  • Lent 2019 (hosted by History): Ageing

For information on upcoming events – please check with our contacts, sign up for the mailing list or see events in our respective departments.


The Material Culture Forum is run as an autonomous workers' collective. For information or to be added to our mailing list, contact Mary Laven in the Faculty of History, John Robb in the Department of Archaeology, or Carolyn Van Eck in the Department of History of Art.