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Department of Archaeology


Please join us to celebrate International Women's Day through a series of events at the McDonald Institute seminar room on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th March. 

We would like to invite members of the Department of Archaeology (staff and students), to speak in the afternoon session as part of a series of 5-minute lightning talks, or create a poster (maximum A3 size) about any issue they wish to highlight. This can be something about your research, a systemic issue you have faced, or an issue you feel strongly about. We aim to provide a supportive and respectful forum, and we will not be live-streaming or recording this session.

You can register here:


Join us on Zoom for:

Garrod Seminar:

Thursday 7 March



Pitt-Rivers Seminar:

Friday 8 March



PalMeso Seminar:

Friday 8 March