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Archaeological Review from Cambridge

The Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC) is a biannual academic journal of archaeology. It is managed and published on a non-profit, voluntary basis by postgraduate researchers in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. Rooted primarily in archaeological theory and practice, ARC invites a wide range of perspectives aiming at interdisciplinary research of interest to those engaged in a variety of fields.

ARC aims to provide a platform for the discussion of current archaeological research, welcoming relevant contributions from archaeologists of any temporal, geographic or theoretical standpoint. The statement of editorial intent outlined in Volume 2.1 (Spring 1983), states that ARC was established in order to bridge the gap between the formal publication of major research projects in leading journals, and the more informal discussions which take place at seminars and conferences.

Each issue addresses a particular subject of interest to archaeology, covering current theoretical and methodological debates, featuring topics such as ethnoarchaeology, feminist archaeology and landscape archaeology.

A graduate journal with a long history

The first issue of ARC was published in 1981. Following a brief hiatus, the journal returned to regular production in the spring of 1983, and has since been continually published twice a year. Many archaeologists began their publishing career with ARC. Notable archaeologists who have contributed to the journal since its founding include Graeme Barker, John Bennet, Dilip Kumar Chakrabarti, Christopher Chippindale, Clare Fawcett, Roberta Gilchrist, Ian Hodder, Paul Lane, Lynn Meskell, Henrietta L. Moore, Colin Renfrew, Valentine Roux, Chris Scarre, Charles Thurstan Shaw, Laurajane Smith, Peter Stone, Christopher Tilley and Evyenia Yiannouli amongst others.

2021/2022 committee

General Editor: Sergio Russo
Secretary: Kerry Gnandt
Treasurer: Julia Montes-Landa
Book Reviews: Victoria Pham
Open Access Team: Ali Giritrioğlu
Back Issue Sales: Camilla Zeviani
Subscriptions: Kim Ruf
Web Management: Laura Courto
Publicity and Events: Glynnis Maynard

How to join the ARC

Postgraduate students at the Department of Archaeology are encouraged to join our committee and actively contribute to the publication of the journal. We are always looking for active and enthusiastic postgraduates to join our committee as general members. Other open committee positions will be advertised at the beginning of each academic year. For more information on how to join our team take a look at our website and get in touch with our secretary.

You can also find us on WikipediaFacebook, and Twitter.