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Studying Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia at University

A Conference for Sixth-Formers



The fourth edition of the Conference (2019) was held at the Royal Asiatic Society and The British Museum, in London, on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

The event was organised by Nancy Highcock of the Dept of Archaeology, University of Cambridge.


Download the event poster here.  



Time                         Speaker                                      Topic
09.30-10.00 REGISTRATION  
10.00-10.05 Nancy Highcock (Cambridge) Introduction 
10.05-10.20 Stephen Quirke (UCL) Relations between Egypt and Sudan
10.20-10.35 Jana Matuszak (SOAS) Sumerian Literature
10.35-10.50 Moudhy Al-Rashid (Oxford) Science in Cuneiform Texts 
10.50-11.05 George Heath-Whyte (Cambridge) Making the Poor Man of Nippur
11.05-11.20 BREAK  
11.20-11.35 Selena Wisnom (Cambridge) Babylonian Divination and Brexit
11.35-11.50 Roland Enmarch (Liverpool) Prophets, Sages, and Kings: The World of Egyptian Poetry
11.50-12.05 Kerrie Myers (Birmingham) Here Be Demons: Exorcisms in Ancient Mesopotamia

12.05-12.20 Alex Loktionov (Cambridge) Egyptian language: 3000 years of hieroglyphs
12.20-13.05 LUNCH  
13.05-13.20 Richard Bruce Parkinson (Oxford) An Archaeology of the Heart: Reading Ancient Egyptian Texts
13.20-13.35 Monica Palmero Fernandez (Reading) Studying ancient Mesopotamia at University
13.35-13.50 Ewan Short (Cardiff) Persia
13.50-14.05 Katharina Zinn (UWTSD) Being hands-on: Ancient Egypt, material culture and heritage
14.05-14.35 CAREERS PANEL With Charlie Draper, Pippa Browne, and Georgia Ramirez.
14.35-14.45 ASSEMBLY TIME  
15.15-16.00 Gallery Tour 1  
16.00-16.30 Treasure Hunt  
16.30-17.15 Gallery Tour 2  

The event started and ended in different places (the Royal Asiatic Society, which is near Euston station, and the British Museum, which is a 15 min. walk away)