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Department of Archaeology


Key Publications

Key publications: 
[1] Singh R., Petrie C., Alam A., Bates J., Ceccarelli A., Chakradhari S., Singh S., Chowdhary A., Green A., Lightfoot E., Pandey A., Ranjan A., Redhouse D.I., Singh D., Singh U., "Ust"unkaya M., and Walker J. (2021).
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Archaeological Research.
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Frontiers in Digital Humanities, 7 (1).
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In: G. Serreli, R.T. Melis, C.A.I. French, and F. Sulas (eds.), Sa massar`ia : Ecologia storica dei sistemi di lavoro contadino in Sardegna, volume I of Europa e Mediterraneo. Storia e immagini di una comunità
internazionale 37
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ISBN 9788897317333.
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Adaptation to variable environments, resilience to climate change: Investigating land, water and settlement in Indus northwest India.
Current Anthropology, 58 (1):pp. 1–30.
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Survey and excavations at Dabli vas Chugta, Hanumangarh District, Rajasthan, 24th March–21st April, 2011, BHU and University of Cambridge archaeological project.
Indian Archaeology: A Review, 2010–2011:pp. 75–89.
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Small scale excavations at Lohari Ragho II, Hissar District, Haryana: A preliminary report.
Bh = arat = i, 40:pp. 44–52
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New archaeological and geoarchaeological investigations of the prehistoric site of Zecovi, near Prijedor, Bosnia i Herzegovina.
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Quoygrew and its landscape context.
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Preistoria e Archeologia
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The human and animal remains.
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The resources of an upland community in the fourth millennium textscbc.
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Power in context: The Lismore landscape project.
Antiquity, 76 (294):pp. 945–6.
[23] Ferris I.M., Bevan L., Breedon M., Dodds N., Jones T.F., Kendrich D., Ratkai S., Redhouse D.I., and Sterenberg J. (1996).
Excavations at Bridgnorth Franciscan Friary, 1989.
Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society, 71:pp. 33–82.

Teaching and Supervisions


I am involved with teaching and training in IT, archaeological surveying and GIS for undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs and UTOs.

Research supervision: 

I am responsible for providing support and guidance in areas including database development, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis and field survey.

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Computer Officer

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Room 101, North Building (between the Haddon Library and the North Lecture Room)
Office hours: Please email for an appointment, or drop in.
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