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In this section you will find films clips of the Life in Ancient Egypt Schools Project.

The project worked with over 100 children, aged 7 to 11, as well as Egyptian and international archaeologists, and was filmed on location in Amarna, Cairo and Cambridge. Bringing together pupils from the Awlady Orphanage and the British International School in Cairo with those from St Matthew’s Primary School in Cambridge, film clips enabled the children to ask and answer each other’s questions about life in ancient and modern Egypt. The films were shot by award-winning film maker Oliver Wilkins in partnership with a team of Egyptian and University of Cambridge researchers, workshop facilitators and production assistants. 

Watch the exchanges between the children in Cairo and Cambridge to better understand life in ancient and modern Amarna and wider Egypt and to see interviews with archaeologists in the field.

Under the Sun - New Ways of Understanding Amarna في ضياء الشمس-سبل جديدة لفهم تل العمارنة

This 15 minute film tells you about life in the ancient city of Amarna and how Archaeologists are exploring Amarna today.


A selection of Shorter Films in which children from Egypt and the UK talk about their lives and compare their experiences