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Department of Archaeology


Archaeology and Linguistics in the Andes

Cross-Disciplinary Symposia & Edited Volumes

UK, September 2008 — Andes, August 2009


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About this Project
• overview — organisers and conveners — funding
• the .pdf report on the Cambridge symposium and some of the new proposals discussed there,
Not the Incas? Weaving Archaeology and Language Into a Single New Prehistory
published in the British Academy Review (issue 12), January 2009

Phase 2: Andean countries (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador) — August-September 2009
• including full Lima conference webpage.                                PUCP, Lima, Friday 28th – Sunday 30th August 2009
• provisional programme of 'extended stay' events: .pdf.          from Monday 31st August 2009 onwards

Phase 1: UK — COMPLETED: Sept. 2008

overall calendar of events:          webpage or .pdf

• details for main events:

— Cambridge Symposium:          Archaeology & Linguistics in the Andes     programme: .pdf     description: .pdf
— London Symposium:               History & Linguistics in the Andes            programme: .pdf     description: .pdf
— British Museum Talks:             webpage   or   .pdf

• lists of participants: .pdf

Information for Participants:
• suggested interdisciplinary reading on archaeology and linguistics in the Andes: webpage
• UK phase: guidelines on how to prepare your contributions for the symposia: .pdf
• UK phase: practical info on travel and accommodation: .pdf

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