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Department of Archaeology


Completed theses and dissertations

PhD theses

2005–2008 (submitted): Rebecca Farbstein, Pavlovian portable art: Socio-technical process, aesthetic context.

Masters theses

2006–2007: Madeline Steel, The role of plant resources in the Gravettian Upper Palaeolithic of Moravia: An exploration of possible plant consumption at Dolni Vestonice II.

2007–2008: Sean Taylor, Climate and plant remains at Dolni; Vestonice, Czech Republic.

Undergraduate dissertations

2006–2007: Jenny Lee, Five a Day—How did they get theirs? How did humans during the Upper Palaeolithic in Moravia get the nutrients they needed to survive?

2006–2007: Katy Johnson, Looking for contrasts: a pilot study of the Upper Palaeolithic plant remains from Predmost, Czech Republic.

2005–2006: Alex Pryor, A preliminary isotopic study of the ecology of the Moravian locale around 30,000 ya as seen through the site of Dolni Vestonice II.

Prospective students

We welcome enquiries regarding future study, research (e.g. Undergraduate dissertations, Masters or PhD theses) or collaboration with the Moravian Project. Please contact Prof. Martin Jones.



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