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Department of Archaeology


Entrance to the Shanidar Cave Archaeological Reserve, with the cave itself visible in the centre. (Photograph: Graeme Barker)

Shanidar Cave is a popular tourist attraction in Kurdistan, and its importance for Kurdish heritage and sense of identity is signified by the fact that one of the main parks in the capital Erbil is named after it.

In the cool spring season, the best time for tourism in Kurdistan, over a thousand people may visit the cave on a Friday. The tourists are mainly Kurdish, often families with relatives visiting from abroad as well as local school and university groups, but there are many visitors from further afield. 

The team is working with the Directorate of Antiquities in planning a Visitor Centre/Museum at the site to enhance the visitor experience.

Kurdish tourists visit the cave to view the excavations. (Photograph: Graeme Barker)

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