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In 2012-2013 a surface survey was carried out on the whole island of Keros, with the aim of clarifying the relationship between the Keros sanctuary and other possible occupation of the island, as well as to look for possible specialist sites related to the sanctuary, such as a marble workshop or a location where the objects were broken prior to deposition. Neither of these specialist sites was located, demonstrating that they must instead have existed on other islands. However, much greater Bronze Age occupation of the island was located than was anticipated, showing that the Keros sanctuary was at the summit of a site hierarchy, rather than being isolated and visited only by those arriving by sea.

The Keros Island Survey is a joint enterprise (συνεργασία) of the Greek Ministry of Culture and the British School at Athens representing the University of Cambridge. It is directed by Colin Renfrew, Marisa Marthari and Katerina Dellaporta, with Assistant Directors Michael Boyd, Neil Brodie, Georgios Gavalas, Jill Hilditch and Joshua Wright. Publication of the Keros Island Survey is nearing completion, with submission during 2017 and publication shortly thereafter.

The Keros Island Survey is supported by the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, National Geographic Society, Balzan Foundation, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, the British Academy, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport, Creta Farms, and the British School at Athens.

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