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Department of Archaeology


South Etruria Enhancement Project

Project Components


Financial Support

  • British Academy
  • British School at Rome
  • Leverhulme Trust
  • NERC ARSF programme
  • Marie Curie Fellowship (MEIF-CT-2005-514523)


The research context

The South (east) Etruria area north of Rome is one of the most significant areas for the formation of European civilisation. This was the arena of Etruscan state formation (Veii) and Roman expansion against rivals (Etruscans and Faliscans) to the north.

A series of inter-related projects are enhancing knowledge of this region which has the been a focus of investigation by the British School at Rome since the beginning of the twentieth century. The department of archaeology in Cambridge has participated in the Tiber valley project, and provided the principal investigators for the Nepi Project and the Mapping the Lower Tiber catchment project.


Principal publications involving Cambridge participants:

  • di Gennaro, F. and Stoddart, S.K.F., 1982, 'A review of the evidence for prehistoric activity in part of South Etruria', Papers of the British School at Rome 50, pp1--21
  • Stoddart, S.K.F., Belcher, M. and Harrison, A., 1996, 'L’applicazione del GIS all’Etruria Meridionale. The South Etruria survey: why apply GIS?' In Bietti, A., Cazzella, A, Johnson, I. and Voorrips, A. (eds.) Theoretical and Methodological Problems. Colloquium II. The present State of GIS Applications and analogous Systems in Prehistoric Archaelogy, Preprints of the XIII Congress of the UISPP, Forli, Italy. Forli, Abaco, pp185--192
  • Patterson, H., di Gennaro, F., di Giuseppe, H., Fontana, S., Gaffney, V., Harrison, A., Keay, S.J., Millett, M., Rendeli, M., Roberts, P.,Stoddart, S. and Witcher, R. 2000. The Tiber Valley Project: the Tiber and Rome through two millennia. Papers of the British School at Rome 74 (284), 395-403.
  • di Gennaro, F., Cerasuolo, O., Colonna, C., Rajala, U., Stoddart, S. and Whitehead, N. 2002. Recent research on the city and territory of Nepi. Antiquity 70: 29-77.
  • Harrison, A., Rajala, U., Stoddart, S. K. F., Witcher, R. and Zubrow, E. 2004. The enhancement of the South Etruria Survey. GIS in the study of the research history Phase 1. In Patterson, H. (ed), Bridging the Tiber: Approaches to regional archaeology in the Middle Tiber Valley. Archaeological Monographs of the school at Rome 13. London, British School at Rome, pp. 29-35

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