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Department of Archaeology


Mapping the Lower and Middle Tiber Catchment


Principal Investigator


Collaborating Institutions


Financial Support

  • NERC ARSF programme
  • Marie Curie Fellowship (MEIF-CT-2005-514523)


Research aims

The aim of the project is to employ aerial photography, multi spectral data and LiDAR to investigate:

  • Archaeological site recovery
  • Erosion
  • Water management (artificial channels (cuniculi))
  • Land use
  • DEM precision
  • Demographic reconstruction



  • Ceccarelli, L. and Stoddart, S. in preparation. The Faliscan territory. In Riva, C. Bradley, G., Isayev, E. (eds.) Tribes of Ancient Italy. Exeter: Exeter University Press.

Project Tags

Geographical areas: 
East Asia
Southeast Asia
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