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Egypt and Mesopotamia Conference

Studying Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia at University
A Conference for Sixth-Formers

The Royal Asiatic Society and The British Museum, London

Saturday 2nd March 2019



The Judgment of Ani 

Egypt and Mesopotamia (modern Iraq; ancient Sumer, Assyria and Babylon) bequeathed to posterity some of the most fascinating remains from all of the ancient world.  Today it is possible to learn the languages, study the artefacts, and reconstruct the most varied aspects of these ancient civilisations in astonishing detail.

But since these subjects are not offered at A level, few sixth-formers are aware that they exist as University subjects; indeed, many A level students might never have had the opportunity to learn about these cultures.

The purpose of this one-day conference is to give sixth-formers an opportunity to explore what it is like to study Egypt and Mesopotamia at British Universities: to see what makes the subject area so intellectually and culturally exciting, learn about the various degree courses, and understand what admissions tutors are looking for.

The programme will include talks about careers, information on admissions, and the opportunity to meet current students and academic staff from many of the institutions in the UK that teach these subjects, including: Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Liverpool, Oxford, Reading, SOAS, UCL, UEA, and UW-TSD. Representatives of the Egypt Exploration Society will also be on hand. There will also be gallery tours (led by current staff and students) and sample lectures.



The British Museum, Entrance to Gallery 9

Teachers are welcome to bring groups, but individual students and teachers are equally welcome. This is, in essence, a nation-wide Open Day for the subject area at large.

*Attendance is free.

The event is organised by Dr Nancy Highcock of the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, in partnership with the Royal Asiatic Society and the British Museum. It is sponsored by the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the London Centre for the Ancient Near East, the Egypt Exploration Society and the Royal Asiatic Society. Please address any queries to:

 The "Cyrus Cylinder"


Travel bursaries

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the Thriplow Charitable Trust, the British Institute for the Study of Iraq and the Egypt Exploration Society, we are able offer travel bursaries in certain instances to enable sixth formers at state schools to attend the conference.

The bursaries are administered by the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. To apply, 1) write to  by 31st January 2019, stating where you will be travelling from, by which means of transport, and the estimated cost; also include (in the text of the email or as a PDF attachment) a 250-word statement on your interest in the subject area (it may include illustrations, but need not); 2) ask a teacher or equivalent (e.g. a museum curator; not a parent) to send a reference which comments on your academic ability and enthusiasm to the same email address, by the same deadline.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome shortly after the deadline for applications has passed. Bursaries will normally be payable after the event via cheque or BACS.  If you need a different arrangement, please let us know when you apply.


Download the event poster here.  



The following programme is provisional: the topics and time slots are subject to change.

09.30-10.00 REGISTRATION
10.00-10.05 Nancy Highcock (Cambridge) Introduction 
10.05-10.20 Stephen Quirke (UCL) Relations between Egypt and Sudan
10.20-10.35 Jana Matuszak (SOAS) Sumerian Literature
10.35-10.50 Moudhy Al-Rashid (Oxford) Science in Cuneiform Texts 
10.50-11.05 Question Time  
11.05-11.20 BREAK
11.20-11.35 Selena Wisnom (Cambridge) Babylonian Divination and Brexit
11.35-11.50 Roland Enmarch (Liverpool) Prophets, Sages, and Kings: The World of Egyptian Poetry
11.50-12.05 Kerrie Myers (Birmingham) Here Be Demons: Exorcisms in Ancient Mesopotamia

12.05-12.20 Alex Loktionov (Cambridge) Egyptian language: 3000 years of hieroglyphs
12.20-13.05 LUNCH
13.05-13.20 TBC (Oxford) Egypt
13.20-13.35 Monica Palmero Fernandez (Reading) Studying ancient Mesopotamia at University
13.35-13.50 Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (Cardiff) Persia
13.50-14.05 Katharina Zinn (UWTSD) Egypt
14.05-14.35 CAREERS PANEL With Charlie Draper, Pippa Browne, and Georgia Ramirez.
14.35-14.45 ASSEMBLY TIME
15.15-16.00 Gallery Tour 1
16.00-16.30 Treasure Hunt
16.30-17.15 Gallery Tour 2

Note - the event starts and ends in different places (the Royal Asiatic Society, which is near Euston station, and the British Museum, which is a 15 min. walk away)




We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the Egypt Exploration Society and the Royal Asiatic Society.


Future editions

This is the 4th Annual Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia Conference for 6th formers.  If you would like to be kept up to date for next year, please sign up to the Cambridge Archaeology Outreach Mailing List.


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Egypt and Mesopotamia at University : A Conference for 6th Formers held at the British Museum, 5 May 2016

Egypt and Mesopotamia at University : A Conference for 6th Formers held at the Royal Asiatic Society, 4 March 2017



This event is made possible through the support of: