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I am a research assistant for the Mapping Archaeological Heritage in South Asia (MAHSA) project. Previously, I worked as a field archaeologist for the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, gaining valuable experience in the commercial archaeology sector. I hold an MSc in Archaeology from the University of Oxford, where my master’s thesis focused on analysing marine cores for cryptotephra to create a tephrostratigraphic record for the Palaeolithic of north Africa. During my MSc, I also worked on compiling and geocoding Indian Palaeolithic site data from legacy data sets. I have a BA (Honours) from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, India, in Archaeology and Ancient History. My undergraduate thesis looked at the petroglyph site of Usgalimal in Goa, and explored how the region’s geology and drainage underpinned the symbolic landscape. I also completed a project analysing Lower Palaeolithic cores from the site of Neemtone, Madhya Pradesh.


My main research focus is on the archaeology of South Asia, with a special interest in the Palaeolithic of the region. The overarching aims of my work includes bringing South Asia more firmly into the fold of global archaeological debates, modifying methodologies (i.e. computer approaches, radiometric dating) to be locally focused to work with the unique limitations of South Asia while also enhancing the strengths of the region.

I am particularly interested in filling research gaps in the Palaeolithic of the region through an increase in localised primary field research in combination with the use of novel approaches (e.g. raw material testing of lithics).

My work is also focused on how best to adapt cutting edge computer and GIS technology to South Asian data sets (ie. Non-western and legacy data), and the use of GIS as a powerful media tool to overcome linguistic, technological and cost barriers in Indian archaeological research. 

Teaching and Supervisions


I supervise first year undergraduates for B1: Humans in Biological Perspective.

Other Professional Activities

Outreach officer for CAA (Computer Applications in Archaeology)

Job Titles

Research Assistant, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

General Info

Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Material Culture
Socio-Politics of the Past
Human Evolution
Artefact Analysis & Technology
Computational and Quantitative Archaeology
Cultural Evolution
Field Methods
Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies
Cultural Heritage

Contact Details

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Downing Street


Person keywords: 
Indian Archaeology
Archaeological Science
Environment, Landscapes and Settlement
Material Culture
Geographical areas: 
South Asia
Periods of interest: 
Other Late Prehistory
Other Prehistory