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Department of Archaeology



Professor Criado-Boado’s work is wide-ranging, encompassing landscape archaeology, rural history, community science, the transfer of knowledge, and applied archaeology as well as heritage. He has done research on origins and developments of monumental architecture (field work in Spain, Portugal, UK, Chile, Argentina, Perú and Uruguay) and rock art (field experience and research on Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Chile). His approach is linked to Interpretive theory, pointing out the conditions of possibility of archaeological and cultural knowledge and defining a systematic methodical framework to base archaeological interpretation.

Job Titles

Honorary Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Research Professor at the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council)
Director of the Incipit (CSIC Institute of Heritage Sciences, Spain
President of the European Association of Archaeologists

General Info

Not available for consultancy

Contact Details

felipe.criado-boado [at]