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I read Classics for my BA and MA at the University of Athens before I completed my MA in Cultural Heritage Studies at UCL. During my master's in heritage studies, I focused on the tangible/intangible heritage distinction and the involvement of local communities in heritage management. For my dissertation I explored the relationship between TCH and ICH, and how this relationship is perceived and experienced by the local community of the Cycladic island of Tinos in Greece. Currently, I am a first-year PhD student, and my project focuses on gender performativity within cultural heritage discourse, and how gender can help us deconstruct the tangible/intangible heritage distinction.


My research interests include the tangible/intangible heritage distinction and its repercussions on identity-building. I am particularly interested in understanding the intersections between gender and the origins of identity building; and the various ways gender is implicated in the multi-layered performance of heritage. My study applies a gender-oriented approach to tangible/intangible distinction addressing issues of epistemic injustice and epistemic inequality, and the socio-political impact that the distinction has in heritage process.

Teaching and Supervisions

Research supervision: 

My supervisor is Dr Andreas Pantazatos. 

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PhD Student in Archaeology

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Not available for consultancy
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Heritage Management
Cultural Heritage

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tangible/intangible heritage distinction, heritage and identity, epistemic inequality, material culture
Heritage Studies
Material Culture
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