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Department of Archaeology



BA in Politics and Middle Eastern Studies (Honors), University of Virginia, 2012

MA in Comparative Art & Archaeology (Distinction), University College London, 2018

(Dissertation: All the King’s Creatures: Apotropaic Figure Deposits and Court Culture in the Late Assyrian Period)


My PhD research explores how cultural behaviour, political policy, and medical knowledge influenced the apotropaic and therapeutic use of images in the Neo-Assyrian period. I will attempt to reconstruct spatial and temporal routes of image transmission, focusing especially on figurine deposits and cylinder seals. I will also consider the cognitive interplay between verbal and visual modes of communication concerning wellbeing and personal protection in their wider institutional context. Taking a broad interdisciplinary approach, this project will show how this remedial relationship between supernatural imagery and personal wellbeing could be directly implicated in imperial strategies of domination.

Teaching and Supervisions

Research supervision: 

Supervisor: Dr. Augusta McMahon

Advisor: Dr. Martin Worthington

Other Professional Activities

Member of Clare College

Cambridge Trust Scholar (2019- present)

Job Titles

PhD Student in Archaeology

General Info

Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Material Culture
Socio-Politics of the Past
Built Environment
Art and Iconography

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Person keywords: 
Political History of Mesopotamia in the Early First Millennium BCE
Cognitive and Materialist Approaches to Image-making
Mesopotamian conceptions of disease and health
Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archaeology
Material Culture
Rethinking Complexity
Geographical areas: 
Mesopotamia and the Near East
Periods of interest: 
Copper/Bronze Age
Iron Age