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Department of Archaeology



I am an archaeologist specialising in Geoarchaeology and Geomatics.

I have worked on different archaeological projects across the Western Mediterranean across different depositional environments, from carbonatic and volcanic hilltop settlements of Iron-Bronze-Copper Age, ditched Neolithic villages in Southern Italy, Late Pleistocene cave deposits in Italy and Croatia, to the fluvial-lacustrine Middle Pleistocene site of Notarchirico (IT).

  • PhD. Archaeology, University of Cambridge, UK (2021-present)
  • MA Geomatics (honours), University of Siena, IT (2020)
  • MA Archaeology (summa cum laude), University of Pisa, IT (2019)
  • BA Science of Cultural Heritage (summa cum laude), University of Pisa, IT (2017)


My PhD research focuses on the causes and mechanisms of the Holocene environmental changes across the Western Mediterranean and their interactions with human impact and past climate change.

I am currently co-directing the REMEMBER project (P.I. Dr Eòin Parkinson, Queen’s Belfast University), in which I undertake geoarchaeological on-and-off-site analyses to reconstruct the Late Holocene palaeoclimate conditions in southern Sardinia and to detect evidence of past anthropogenic environmental changes.

I am also collaborating as a geoarchaeologist in the Tarquinia Project (P.I. Giovanna Bagnasco, University of Milan; Simon Stoddart, University of Cambridge), and Punta Ferulosu Project (P.I. Guillaume Robin, University of Edinburgh).

Key Publications

Key publications: 

Articles: Marras, G., Sebis, S., 2017. Materiali ceramici dal sito di Su Pranu Mannu-Solanas (OR) nel quadro del Neolitico Medio della Sardegna. Quaderni, 28, 1–28.

Conference co-organiser: J., Gustafson, G., Marras, 2022. Monuments And Monumentality In The Mediterranean Prehistory: Perspectives From Sardinia, 8 November 2022, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

Conference proceedings: Gerometta, K., Matijašić, R., Popović, S., Bulić, D., Šprem, K., Marras, G., Boschian, G., 2019. Surveying an eroded and wooded Mediterranean karst landscape – case study of Vrsar area [abstract]. In: International Mediterranean Survey Workshop, 2019 May 10-12, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia, pp. 8.

Conference proceedings in preparation: Marras, G., B., Arena, A., E., L., 2022. Geomorphological history of a Bronze Age site in the Nebrodi Mountains of Sicily. In Zeviani, C., Scarsella, E., (eds.): A Blessing and a Curse: Mediterranean mountains between idyll and violence in later Prehistory. Oxbow, Cambridge.

Tarlano, F., Milano, R., Marras, G. B., 2022. Il popolamento pre-protostorico dell’Alta Val d’Agri (PZ). Interazioni tra geografia fisica e distribuzione degli insediamenti. In Angeli, L., (ed.): 55th IIPP Scientific Conference Prehistory and Protohistory of Basilicata, 06-10 April 2022, Matera (IT).

Teaching and Supervisions

Research supervision: 

Supervisor: Prof Simon Stoddart

Other Professional Activities

  • 08/2022 Archaeological consultancy and mapping – photovoltaic plant ‘EG Atlante’, Guspini (IT) HydroEngineering
  • 02-09/2021 Archaeologist site supervisor and GIS specialist – Nicosia (IT) SNAM, SicilSaldo
  • 09/2021 Archaeological consultancy and mapping – Wind Field ‘Parco Portella’, Montevago (IT) HydroEngineering
  • 07/2021 Photogrammetric modelling and CAD drawing – ‘Opera del Duomo’, Firenze (IT) Cooperativa Archeologia
  • 07/2019 Topographer and GIS specialist - Marzuolo Archaeological Project, Grosseto (IT) Cornell University, Melbourne University, Arkansas University
  • 10-11/2018 CAD drawer – ‘Cantiere Grandi Uffizi’, Firenze (IT) Cooperativa Archeologia

Job Titles

PhD Student in Archaeology

General Info

Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Computational and Quantitative Archaeology
Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies

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Site formation processes
Human-environment interactions
Anthropogenic soil changes
Climate Change
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