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Toby C. Wilkinson joined the McDonald Institute as Senior Research Associate in January 2023. He previously worked as a Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellow at ICAC (the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology), in Tarragona (2020-2022); and before that as a post-doctoral Research Associate at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research and Junior Research Fellow at Churchill College, University of Cambridge (2016-2020). His doctorate was completed at the University of Sheffield in 2012; he also worked as a researcher in Turkey, at the British Institute at Ankara, Koç University’s Research Centre for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) and Istanbul University.

Note: if you’re looking for Toby A. H. Wilkinson, the Egyptologist, also currently based in Cambridge, you’ll find his contact details here:


Toby C. Wilkinson is an archaeologist whose research interests include spatial and computational archaeology, survey and landscape methodology (both Mediterranean and western Asia), open-access and web publication, material culture (metallurgy, textiles and metrology) and deep histories of economy in Eurasia (especially Anatolia, the Aegean, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Magreb).

Key Publications

Key publications: 


A.S. Green, T.C. Wilkinson, D.A. Wilkinson, N. Highcock and T.P. Leppard (2024). Cities and Citadels: An Archaeology of Inequality and Economic Growth. Routledge. [OA ebook doi:10.4324/9781003183563] – See also Cities and Citadels website

T.C. Wilkinson (2014). Tying the Threads of Eurasia: Trans-regional Routes and Material Flows in Transcaucasia, eastern Anatolia and western Central Asia, c. 3000-1500BC. Leiden, Sidestone Press. 408pp. ISBNs: paperback 9789088902444 | hardback 9789088903878 | OA pdf 

S. Sherratt and T.C. Wilkinson (eds.) (2023). Circuits of Metal Value: Changing Roles of Metals in the Early Aegean and Nearby Lands. Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology 14. Oxford, Oxbow Books.

A.R. Knodell, T.C. Wilkinson, T. Leppard and H.A. Orengo (2022). Survey Archaeology in the Mediterranean World: Regional Traditions and Contributions to Long-Term History. Journal of Archaeological Research 2022: doi:10.1007/s10814-022-09175-7.

T.C. Wilkinson and A. Slawisch (2020) An agro-pastoral palimpsest: New insights into the historical rural economy of the Milesian peninsula from aerial and remote-sensing imagery. Anatolian Studies 70: 181 - 206. doi:10.1017/S0066154619000164

G. Lucarini, T. Wilkinson, E.R. Crema, A. Palombini, A. Bevan and C. Broodbank (2020) The MedAfriCarbon Radiocarbon Database and Web Application. Archaeological Dynamics in Mediterranean Africa, ca. 9600–700 BC. Journal of Open Archaeology Data, 8(1), 1: doi:10.5334/joad.60 | live database:

A. Slawisch and T.C. Wilkinson (2018) Processions, Propaganda and Pixels: Reconstructing the ‘Sacred Way’ between Miletos and Didyma. American Journal of Archaeology 122(1): 101–43. doi:10.3764/aja.122.1.0101 

N. Strupler and T.C. Wilkinson (2017) Reproducibility in the field: transparency, version control and collaboration on the Project Panormos Survey. Open Archaeology 3: 279–304. doi:10.1515/opar-2017-0019

T.C. Wilkinson (2014) The Early Transcaucasian phenomenon in structural-systemic perspective: cuisine, craft and economy. Paléorient 40.2: 203-229. doi:10.3406/paleo.2014.5643

T.C. Wilkinson (2008) Falling out of an Aircraft: Aerovisualism and the Aerial Photography of J.S.P. Bradford, Visual Anthropology 21:1, pp. 18 – 38. doi:10.1080/08949460701688924

For full list of publications and past project involvement, see: 

Job Titles

Senior Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

General Info

Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Material Culture
Socio-Politics of the Past
Computational and Quantitative Archaeology
Field Methods
Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies

Contact Details

tcw50 [a]
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Downing Street


Person keywords: 
Computational Archaeology
Spatial Archaeology
Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archaeology
Science, Technology and Innovation
Environment, Landscapes and Settlement
Geographical areas: 
Central Asia
Mesopotamia and the Near East
Periods of interest: 
Copper/Bronze Age
Iron Age