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After completing a PhD on the Anglo-Saxon cemeteries of Yorkshire at Newnham, I held a lectureship at Durham University for nine years, before returning to a full-time research role at the Cambridge Archaeological Unit in 2004, and then taking up the post of Admissions Tutor at Newnham in 2009. I became Director of Admissions for the Cambridge Colleges in 2016, but have maintained an active collaboration with the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, co-ordinating major post-excavation projects of extensive Roman and early Medieval settlement and cemetery sites


  • The expression of social, cultural and religious identities, particularly in Romano-British and early medieval cemeteries
  • The critical use of stable isotopic analysis and other scientific and analytical techniques in the interpretation of cemeteries of the first millennium AD
  • Refining and interpreting chronologies in early medieval England in the fourth to seventh centuries
  • Analysis and publication of major developer-funded Romano-British and early medieval settlement sites

Key Publications

Key publications: 

I am currently working on a number of publications of later Roman and Anglo-Saxon sites in Britain, including with Dr Charlotte Roberts (Durham University) on the publication of the Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Bamburgh, Northumberland.


Published monographs:


Evans, C., Lucy, S. and Patten, R. (2018) Riversides: Neolithic Barrows, a Beaker Grave, Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon Burials and Settlement at Trumpington, Cambridge. (Cambridge Archaeological Unit Landscape Archives Series New Archaeologies of the Cambridge Region Series 2). Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

Lucy, S. J., & Evans, C., with R. Jefferies, G. Appleby and C. Going (2016). Romano-British Settlement and Cemeteries. Mucking Excavations by Margaret and Tom Jones 1965–1978. (CAU Landscape Archives Series: Historiography and Fieldwork No. 3/Mucking 5). Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Evans, C., Appleby, G. and Lucy, S, with Appleby, J. and Brudenell, M. (2015). Lives in Land - Mucking Excavations by Margaret and Tom Jones, 1965–1978: Prehistory, Context and Summary. CAU Landscape Archives Series.

Hills, C. and Lucy, S. (2013) The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Spong Hill, Norfolk: Chronology and Synthesis. Cambridge, McDonald Institute Monograph.

Evans, C. with Appleby, G., Lucy, S., and Regan, R. (2013) Process and History: Prehistoric and Roman Fen-edge Communities at Colne Fen, Earith (The Archaeology of the Lower Ouse Valley, Volumes I and II). Cambridge, McDonald Institute Monograph.

Lucy, S., Tipper, J. and Dickens, A. (2009) The Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Cemetery at Bloodmoor Hill, Carlton Colville, Suffolk. East Anglian Archaeology Monograph 131.

Garrow, D., Lucy, S. and Gibson, D. (2006) Excavations at Kilverstone, Norfolk: The Neolithic Pit Cluster, Romano-British and Anglo-Saxon Settlements and Later Medieval and Post-Medieval Activity. East Anglian Archaeology Monograph 113.

Diaz-Andreu, M., Lucy, S., Babic, S. and Edwards, D. (2005) The Archaeology of Identity. Routledge.

Mortimer, R., Regan, R. and Lucy, S. (2005) The Saxon and Medieval Settlement at West Fen Road, Ely: The Ashwell Site. East Anglian Archaeology Monograph 110.

Lucy, S. and Reynolds, A. (eds) (2002) Burial in Early Medieval England and Wales. Society for Medieval Archaeology Monograph 17.

Lucy, S. (2000) The Anglo-Saxon Way of Death. Stroud, Sutton Publishing.

Lucy, S. (1998) The Early Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries of East Yorkshire: a Re-analysis and Interpretation. British Archaeological Reports (British Series) 272.


Major articles:

Lucy, S. (2016). The Trumpington Cross in context. Anglo-Saxon England, 45, 7-37.

Lucy, S. (2016) Odd Goings-on at Mucking: interpreting the latest Romano-British pottery horizon, Internet Archaeology 41.

Hughes, S., Millard, A., Lucy, S., Chenery, C., Evans, J., Nowell, G. and Pearson, G. (2014) ‘Anglo-Saxon origins investigated by isotopic analysis of burials from Berinsfield, Oxfordshire, UK’. Journal of Archaeological Science 42, 81–92.

Groves, S., Roberts, C., Lucy, S., Pearson, G., Gröcke, D., Nowell, G., MacPherson, C. and Young, G. (2013) ‘Mobility histories of 7th-9th century AD people buried at early medieval Bamburgh, Northumberland, England’. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 151(3), 462–76.

Lucy, S. (2011) ‘Gender and gender roles’, in H. Hamerow, D. Hinton and S. Crawford, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology. Oxford University Press, 688–703.

Lucy, S., Newman, R., Dodwell, N. and Hills, C. et al. (2009) ‘Burial of a princess? The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Westfield Farm, Ely’. The Antiquaries Journal 89, 81–141.

Lucy, S. (2005) ‘Early Medieval burial at Yeavering: a retrospective’, in P. Frodsham and C. O’Brien (eds.) Yeavering: People, Power and Place. Stroud: Tempus, 127–144.

Budd, P., Millard, A., Chenery, C., Lucy, S. and Roberts, C. (2004) ‘Investigating population movement by stable isotope analysis: a report from Britain’, Antiquity 78, 127–41.

Dodwell, N., Lucy, S. and Tipper, J. (2004) ‘Anglo-Saxons on the Cambridge Backs: the Criminology site settlement and King’s Garden Hostel cemetery’, Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society 93, 95–124.

Lucy, S. (2002a) ‘Burial practice in early medieval eastern England: constructing local identities, deconstructing ethnicity’, in S. Lucy and A. Reynolds (eds.) Burial in Early Medieval England and Wales. Society for Medieval Archaeology Monograph 17, 72–87.

Lucy, S. (2002b) ‘From pots to people: Two hundred years of Anglo-Saxon archaeology’, in C. Hough and K. Lowe (eds.) ‘Lastworda betst’. Essays in memory of Christine E Fell. Shaun Tyas, Donnington, 144–69.

Lucy, S. (1999) ‘Changing burial rites in Northumbria AD 500–750’, in J. Hawkes and S. Mills (eds.) Northumbria’s Golden Age. Stroud, Sutton Publishing, 12–43.

Lucy, S. (1997a) ‘Housewives, warriors and slaves? Sex and gender in Anglo-Saxon burials’, in J.M. Moore and E. Scott (eds.) Invisible People and Processes: Writing Gender and Childhood into European Archaeology.  Leicester University Press, 150–168.

Teaching and Supervisions


Paper A52 Britain AD 300-800

Other Professional Activities

I was Chair of the Research and Academic Advisory Panel for the Staffordshire Hoard, and am part of the advisory panel for the Rendlesham Project. I am currently a member of the Council for the Society of Antiquaries of London, and a member of the Sachsensymposium steering committee. 

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Fellow of Newnham College
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