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In 2018, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology (First Class Honours) at the University of Sydney. My Honours thesis was supervised by Professor Roland Fletcher, titled “The Fashion of Function: Considering the Practical Use of Ornaments from the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic Europe”.

Prior to commencing my postgraduate studies I worked as a commercial archaeologist in Australia. I have also excavated at various Palaeolithic sites in Germany, Czech Republic, and Spain.

I also received a Master of Archaeological and Evolutionary Science (with Commendation) from the Australian National University (Canberra) in 2021. I specialised in stable isotope analysis and zooarchaeology.


My PhD will utilise Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS) to expand our current understanding of hominin cognition. This will explore changes in the manner in which each species interacted with their environment, as that can illuminate the changes that occurred when Neanderthals became extinct and AMH thrived as the single species in Europe. This will be achieved by assessing worked bone through a multi-site approach spanning the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic in Europe. The method will consist of existing extraction protocols, making this study extremely viable and achievable. It is anticipated that a non-destructive ZooMS approach will be utilised to avoid drilling or cutting through a bone sample. The results will then be examined across Neanderthal and AMH sites to test hypotheses regarding human-environment interaction during bone tool manufacture.

Teaching and Supervisions


A1: Undergraduate Supervisor and Teaching Assistant

A2: Undergraduate Supervisor

B1: Undergraduate Supervisor

B14: Undergraduate Supervisor

Research supervision: 

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Collins

Advisor: Dr. Tamsin O'Connell

Other Professional Activities

Member of Newnham College

International Officer of Newnham MCR (2021-2022)

President of Newnham MCR (2022-2023)

Cambridge Australia Scholar

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PhD Student in Archaeology

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Not available for consultancy
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Material Culture
Human Evolution
Biomolecular Archaeology

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akk50 [at]


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ZooMS, Zooarchaeology, Worked bone, Hominid Cognition, Middle-Upper Palaeolithic transition
Archaeological Science
Human Evolutionary Studies
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