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The response from colleagues to the appearance of the first edition of The Mamasani Archaeological Project: Stage One was tremendous but, for various reasons, it proved difficult to distribute the book from Tehran where it was published. Although co-publication with a publisher in Britain, Australia or Europe was investigated five years ago, nothing came of these original enquiries. Earlier this year, we raised the issue of distribution and, with the assistance of Dr Abbas Moghaddam, we put a proposal to Dr Mohammad Mortezaie, Director of the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research (ICAR), suggesting the publication of a revised, second edition, as well as a downloadable PDF version, outside of Iran so that students and scholars with an interest in Iranian archaeology could easily access the book. To our great delight this proposal was approved and the result is before you.

D.T. Potts, University of Sydney. 



The second edition of The Mamasani archaeological project stage one: A report on the first two seasons of the ICAR–University of Sydney expedition to the Mamasani District, Fars Province, Iran is published by Archaeopress as BAR S2044 and may be ordered directly from them,, or the David Brown Book Co.


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