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Department of Archaeology


TiMe: Transition in the Mediterranean

Collapse and transformation in the Mediterranean 1200–500 BC

The Ancient World experienced at the end of the Late Bronze Age major transformations in the cultural and political landscape which seem to have swept all over the Mediterranean and beyond. The aim of the network and associated projects is to fuse traditional studies of chronology and environment with theoretical approaches to technological change and interaction.

The participants include:

  • Principal Investigator: Prof. Manfred Bietak (University of Vienna)
  • Prof. Hartmut Matthaeus (University of Erlangen)
  • Prof. James Whitley (University of Cardiff)
  • Dr Simon Stoddart (University of Cambridge)



  • Launch conference in Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, on the 10th–13th January 2008
  • EAA Malta symposium in September 2008
  • Cambridge Workshops, 6–7th November 2009: Straddling the Divide: defining common objectives and concepts in Austrian/German and British Archaeology in the Mediterranean
  • Follow up session at the Classical Association conference in Cardiff in April 2010

Project Tags

Periods of interest: 
Copper/Bronze Age
Geographical areas: 
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