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Romanisation of a Faliscan Town – Nepi and its Hinterland

Dr Ulla Rajala was granted a British Academy Small Grant for the study of the Roman pottery of the Nepi Survey Project in 2007. Dr Phil Mills (University of Leicester) carried out the detailed analysis of the Roman surface material. The main fabric series was published in 2011 in the Papers of the British School at Rome, but Rajala and Mills continue to publish more in depth papers that give new insights into the development of this minor town and its hinterland between the third century BC and seventh century AD. They also continue developing the theoretical and methodological concept of ceramiscene and its use in the characterisation of rural landscapes in the Mediterranean and beyond.


Date range
Date range of Roman pottery


Short bibliography

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  • Mills, P., and Rajala, U., 2011. ‘The Roman ceramic material from the fieldwalking in the environs of Nepi’, Papers of the British School at Rome 79, 147-240.
  • Mills, P., and Rajala, U., in press. ‘Supply and Distribution of Late Roman Coarsewares from the Nepi Survey Project’, in LRCW4, Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean, Thessaloniki, 7-11 April 2011 (BAR International Series). Oxford: Archaeopress.
  • Rajala, U., and Mills, P., in press. ‘Defining Edges and Districts – ceramiscene in the territory of Nepi (VT, Lazio, Italy)’, in J. Ikäheimo, A.-K. Salmi and T. Äikäs (eds.). NTAG 2012 (Monographs of the Archaeological Society of Finland 2).



We want to thank the British School at Rome and the personnel of Soprintendenza per l'Etruria Meridionale for their assistance

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