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Department of Archaeology


Historical ecology in central Tyrrhenian Italy

Research aims

The research regards the application and development of novel techniques of landscape archaeology in central Tyhrrenian Italy and has a series of scientific objectives:

  • The historical reconstruction and modelling of the demography of a sample context of the middle Tiber Valley.
  • The historical reconstruction of the territorial exploitation of the area.
  • The definition of the human causes for territorial change and particularly for increased erosion
  • The investigation of new and advanced use of satellite, LiDAR and multi-spectral remote sensing data.
  • New methodologies of archaeological surveying in an historical ecology perspective.

The two year research project will be carried out by dr Gabriele Cifani at the Department of Archaeology of Cambridge University, under the supervision of Dr Simon Stoddart, supported by the Unit for Landscape Modelling of the Department of Geography.


Project Directors

  • Gabriele Cifani (Marie Curie intra-European Fellow)
  • Simon Stoddart (Principal Investigator of Marie Curie intra-European Fellowship)


Financial Support

  • Marie Curie Fellowship (MEIF-CT-2005-514523)


Collaborating Institutions



  • Training in novel landscape techniques
  • Fieldwork in sample areas
  • Publication


Project Tags

Geographical areas: 
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