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Department of Archaeology


Damerham, Hampshire

The Damerham Archaeology Project began in 2008 attempting to ground-truth a series of prehistoric monuments identified by aerial photographs. This instigated the current exploratory project to run 2010-2015 (with permission from both landowners involved and strong community participation), in order to evaluate the potential of the monuments. Current project leaders and their contributions to the project include:
1. Dr. Martyn Barber (English Heritage): Aerial and historical documentation
2. Dr. Chris Carey (Birmingham): Geophysical survey
3. Dr. Sheila Kohring (Cambridge): Excavation and material analysis
4. Dr. Helen Wickstead (Kingston): Geophysical survey and excavation

The project's goals are three-fold:
1. Improve our understanding of localised, diachronic landscape changes within the Cranborne Chase region.
2. Assess the utilisation of non-excavation techniques through the reflexive integration of aerial and geophysical survey with targeted excavation.
3. Create a forum for public involvement in local heritage creation and valuation

See the the Damerham Archaeology Project website or contact  for more information. 

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Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies
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