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Welcome to the McDonald Institute Gallery of Digital Archaeology


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Please be patient as it might take a moment to load all the cashed 3D Data.  Also make sure that you use a current browser (Chrome, Firefox..). Controls are Mouse and Keyboard (Cursor Arrows or WASD).

Please use the feedback boxes in the electronic visitor's book to tell us what you think of the gallery and the art its displays. 

  • Curator: Dr Frederick Baker, Senior Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.
  • Design, animation and computer engineering: Dipl. Ing. Marcel Karnapke, Bauhaus University, Weimar.


"3D Pitoti" is an exhibition of digitally captured rock art from Valcamonica (BS) in the present-day Italian Alps. The word 'Pitoti' means 'little Puppet' in the local dialect. In our display the digital 'puppets' start to move, when the visitor gets close enough. The three-dimensional scans have been made with a specially created scanner and processed as part of the EU funded 3D Pitoti research project. The exhibition asks: how did the artists, who made this prehistoric art, understand movement?

The Final Event of the 3D Pitoti ERC- funded project took place in Cambridge on January 18 and 19th, 2016 -  Pitoti 3Dflyer


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3D Pitoti is an European Union 7th Framework Programme - 3D-PITOTI ICT-2011-600545




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Other Prehistory
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Museum Studies
Material Culture
Art and Iconography
Computational and Quantitative Archaeology
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