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Studying Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia at University

A Conference for Sixth-Formers




The second edition of the Conference (2017) was held at the Royal Asiatic Society and The British Museum, in London, on Saturday 4th March 2017.

The event was organised by Martin Worthington and Laure Bonner of the Dept of Archaeology, University of Cambridge.  Laure Bonner acted as event manager.

The event was attended by 59 students, parents and teachers.  



Of the 29 respondents to the evaluation questionnaire, 6 rated the event as 'good' and 23 as 'fantastic'.

Respondents' comments included:

"Excellent overview of the subject. Lots of material for my son to think about and ideas for further exploration and reading"

"Short lectures, very accessible and inspiring"

"Really had a taster into what the courses would entail"

"Very useful chats with current students"

"Loved today, thanks for the opportunity to learn more"



Download provisional programme here

Time                        Speaker                                     Topic
09.30-10.00 REGISTRATION  
10.00-10.05 Martin Worthington, University of Cambridge Welcome and Introduction
10.05-10.20 Alice Stevenson, UCL Metal and Society in Predynastic Egypt
10.20-10.35 Yulia Chmelenko, University of Birmingham The Sacred Tree in Ancient Assyria and Adjacent Cultures
10.35-10.50 Hratch Papazian, University of Cambridge Ancient Egypt (re-)animated
10.50-11.05 Yağmur Heffron, UCL Mesopotamia: A History in Mud
11.05-11.20 BREAK  
11.20-11.35 Paul Nicholson, University of Cardiff Excavation and Experiment in Egyptian Archaeology: the Case of Akhenaten's Glass
11.35-11.50 Monica Palmero Fernandez, University of Reading The Sumerians and the Royal Cemetery of Ur
11.50-12.05 Gemma Wood, Swansea University Egypt's First Ladies - the importance of royal women in ancient Egypt
12.05-12.20 Selena Wisnom, University of Oxford Will the far right triumph in France? Asking the entrails
12.20-13.05 LUNCH  
13.05-13.20 Violaine Chauvet, University of Liverpool The Decoration of Private Tombs as Reflection of Social and Cultural Values
13.20-13.35 Magnus Widell, University of Liverpool Assyriology: Everything you always wanted to know
13.35-13.50 Andreas Winkler, University of Oxford Egyptian Divination
13.50-14.05 Kathryn Stevens, Durham University Graeco-Babyloniaca
14.05-14.30 CAREERS PANEL Various
15.00-15.45 Gallery Tour 1  
15.45-16.15 Treasure Hunt  
16.15-17.00 Gallery Tour 2  

Note - the event starts and ends in different places (the Royal Asiatic Society, which is near Euston station, and the British Museum, which is a 15 min. walk away)


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