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Department of Archaeology

Wednesday, 5 June, 2024 - 17:00 to 18:30
Event speaker: 
Camila Caris Seguel (Museo del Mundo); Sebastián Eduardo Dávila (University of Cambridge)

Attendance in-person (SG2, Alison Richard Building CB3 9DT) or via Zoom (register here).

Talk: Join us to hear the latest research from invited guests Camila Caris Seguel and Sebastián Eduardo Dávila in a session titled 'Expansive Museality: Camila Caris Seguel in conversation with Sebastián Eduardo Dávila on Museo del Mundo and the Garífuna Nation'

Term Series: Diverse narratives, inclusive spaces: embracing multivocality, creativity and  sustainability in Museums

Description/Themes: The final theme in the series seeks to explore how different museum experiences as well as  museum practitioners have challenged dominant historical narratives, given voice to  marginalised communities, created meaningful and sustainable environmental connections and  transformed the museum landscape by introducing novel digital approaches. We want to  highlight through different case studies from museums across the Americas, how this  commitment to multivocality, inclusivity, responsible sustainability and digital engagement  extends beyond representation alone; it encompasses the very fabric of museum spaces,  programs, and practices.

Event location: 
in-person (ARB) or via Zoom (register above)
Geographical areas: 
Heritage Studies
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Museum Studies
Heritage Management
Cultural Heritage
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