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Dr Sheila Kohring

Dr Sheila Kohring

Affiliated Lecturer

Director of Studies (Part II), Queens' and Clare Colleges

Laboratory Manager, Material Culture Laboratory

Archaeology Building
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3DZ
Office Phone: 01223 333527


1991 BA in Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

1998 MA in Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

2002 Mphil in Archaeology, University of Cambridge

2008 PhD in Archaeology, University of Cambridge

(Commercial Archaeologist in USA 1992-1997)

Subject groups/Research projects

Material Culture Laboratory:

Laboratory Manager

Material Culture and the Body:

Research Interests

  • Technology and Knowledge
  • Material Culture
  • Archaeological Theory
  • Body categories in Prehistory
  • Ceramics


Part I archaeology practicals

Archaeological theory in core papers

Later European Prehistory

Key Publications


Kohring S.(2011). Social Complexity as a Multi-Scalar Concept: Pottery Technologies, 'Communities of Practice' and the Bell Beaker Phenomenon. Norwegian Archaeological Review, 44(2), 145-163. DOI: 10.1080/00293652.2011.629811.

Other Publications

Articles & Chapters


Kohring S.(2014). Materiality, Technology, and Constructing Social Knowledge through Bodily Representation: A View from Prehistoric Guernsey, Channel Islands.. Eur J Archaeol, 17(2), 248-263. DOI: 10.1179/1461957114Y.0000000055.


Kohring S.E.(2013). Conceptual knowledge as technologically materialised: A case study of pottery production, consumption and community practice. M.L.S. Sorensen and K. Rebay-Salisbury (eds.), Embodied Knowledge: Historical Perspectives on Belief and Technology. Oxford: Oxbow Books. 106-116.


Kohring S.E.(2012). A scalar perspective to social complexity: Complex relations and complex questions, T.L. Kienlin and A. Zimmermann (eds.), Beyond Elites: Alternatives to Hierarchical Systems in Modelling Social Formations, Vol.215 (Universitatsforschungen zur Prahistorischen Archaoligie.) Bonn: Ruhr-Universitat. 327-337.


Kohring S.E.(2011). Complexity as a multi-scalar concept: pottery technologies, 'Communities of Practice' and the Bell Beaker Phenomena.. Norwegian Archaeological Review


Kohring S.E.(2011). Bodily skill and the aesthetics of miniaturisation. Pallas: revue d'etudes antiques, 86, 31-47.


Wickstead H., Barber M. and Kohring S.E. (2011). Excavations Begin at Damerham Hampshire. Past: Newsletter of the Prehistoric Society, 67, 14-16.