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Department of Archaeology



My work focuses on technological practices as they related to community relationships and about how technologies help shape identities. I have worked primarily on 3rdmillennium BC pottery and art in western Europe, although I have studied ceramic technology more widely and my interests have extended to prehistoric lithic technology as well.  I am also interested in ideas of the body and health as embedded social concepts in prehistory.  I have conducted fieldwork in Belize, the eastern United States, Spain, The Channel Islands, southern and eastern England and Myanmar.


  • 1991 BA in Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • 1998 MA in Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • 2002 Mphil in Archaeology, University of Cambridge
  • 2008 PhD in Archaeology, University of Cambridge
  • Commercial Archaeologist in USA 1992-1997



  • Material Culture
  • Prehistoric technology
  • Ceramics
  • Archaeological theory
  • The body and representation
  • Ancient health

Key Publications

Key publications: 
[1] Kohring, S.  2016.  A case for the one-offs: improvisation and innovation with a Copper Age potting community. Submitted for review to Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 18 July 2015.
[2]  Kohring, S. 2014.  Materiality, technology, and constructing social knowledge through bodily representations: a view from prehistoric Guernsey, Channel Islands.  European Journal of Archaeology, 17(2): 248-263. DOI: 10.1179/1461957114Y.0000000055.​

Teaching and Supervisions



I teach on the Part I, ARC1 paper conducting their practicals, and the ceramic module for ARC2.  I also teach on Part II ARC6 Archaeological Theory and Practice I.  I do occasional lectures and teaching on the Later European Prehistory modules.


Research supervision: 


I am available for Part I ARC1 supervisions

Other Professional Activities

  • A member of the EAA
  • Director of Studies at Clare College, College Research Associate at Clare College
  • Director of Studies for Part I Archaeology at Sidney Sussex

Job Titles

Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Director of Studies, Sidney Sussex College
Director of Studies Clare College
Director of Studies, Robinson College

General Info

Available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Material Culture
Art and Iconography
Archaeological Theory
Field Methods

Contact Details

sek34 [at]


Material Culture
Rethinking Complexity
Geographical areas: 
Periods of interest: 
Copper/Bronze Age
Other Late Prehistory