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Department of Archaeology



I started my academic journey in Near Eastern archaeology followed by a PhD in micro-geoarchaeology and ethnoarchaeology. In my research I combined field archaeology, geoarchaeology, ethnography and social and ecological theory to study human-environment interactions as reflected in ancient habitation sites. I did my postdocs at the University of Tubingen, Germany and the University of Cambridge, focusing on the study of Palaeolithic sites. In 2020, I set up my Laboratory for Environmental Micro-History at Department of Maritime Civilizations, School of Archaeology and Maritime Cultures, University of Haifa, where I am an Associate Professor and the co-director of the Haifa Center for Mediterranean History (HCMH). I hold an ERC Starting Grant (BEFOREtheFLOOD) for studying the earliest Neolithic coastal settlements, now submerged under the sea.

Since 2024, I am an affiliated Lecturer of Geoarchaeology at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge.


I am especially interested in studying cultural transitions and explore the relations between human agency and environmental constrains as a dynamic and multi-directional system.

I specialise in field archaeology (terrestrial and underwater), geoarchaeology, ethnography and social and ecological theory. My research focuses on human habitation sites and their immediate surrounding in diverse environments including Palaeolithic caves and open-air sites, the earliest sedentary settlements found in land and under the sea, and Bronze and Iron Age cities.

Through the analysis of microscopic and chemical remains, I study site formation processes, deposition history and stratigraphy in order to provide higher resolution for the type and timing of human behaviour in relations to environmental conditions.

I investigate human use of space, exploitation of natural resources, pyrotechnology and response to environmental changes. Recently, I have been working on the development new methods to advance the study of the micro-archaeological record at underwater sites.

Key Publications

Key publications: 


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Other Professional Activities

  • Head of the Laboratory for Environmental Micro-History, University of Haifa
  • Co-director, Haifa Center for Mediterranean History (HCMH)
  • Associate Editor, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

Job Titles

Affiliated Lecturer in Geoarchaeology
Honorary Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

General Info

Available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Human Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology
Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies


Person keywords: 
Environmental Archaeology
Underwater Archaeology
Pre- and Proto-history
Science, Technology and Innovation
Environment, Landscapes and Settlement
Geographical areas: 
Mesopotamia and the Near East
South Asia
Periods of interest: 
Copper/Bronze Age
Iron Age