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In 2015, I graduated from Durham University with a BA (Honours) in Archaeology. I then successfully completed my MA in Archaeology at Leiden University in 2016, where I investigated reuse in Maya monumental architecture of pre-and post-colonial Yucatán in relation to heritage formation within local indigenous communities. In the subsequent years, I worked as a leading excavation director and professional archaeologist in Germany.

Beyond finalising my doctoral research at Cambridge, I am currently conducting collections research at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, as a Visiting Researcher; as part of this, I analyse the iconography and provenience of its Costa Rican jade, jadeite stone, and greenstone adze-like objects and (amuletic) pendants. I am intrigued by the role of these objects as indicators of rank and prestige as well as expressing ideology and religion through material culture – including the use of jade artefacts in social, political, and religious contexts. This will be a particularly interesting starting point for the study of social complexity in Costa Rica.


Dissertation title: Living (with the) past – on the everyday experience, valuation, and performance of heritage


Related and general fields of interest further include:

  • (adaptive) reuse and transformation
  • Intermediate Area archaeology
  • valuation
  • built environment, materiality, and spatiality
  • monumental architecture
  • collaborative archaeology and anti-colonial, anti-racist archaeologies
  • complex societies and state-formation
  • the Archaeology-Heritage divide

Teaching and Supervisions


I am a Teaching Assistant in Heritage Studies (G23 Heritage Management) and am teaching and supervising students in the modules A1 World Archaeology and G24 Special Topics in Heritage Studies.

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PhD Student in Archaeology

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Material Culture
Socio-Politics of the Past
Built Environment
Field Methods
Heritage Management
Cultural Heritage

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Heritage Studies
Environment, Landscapes and Settlement
Material Culture
Rethinking Complexity
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Southeast Asia
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Other Historical
Other Prehistory