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Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd

Senior Research Associate

Co-Director, Cambridge Keros Project

Office: 2.2
West Building

Office Phone: 01223 764297


My main research interests lie in the prehistoric Aegean where I have worked in the Peloponnese and Cyclades. I have published a book and several papers on Mycenaean funerary practices (available on my page). I am co-director of the Keros-Naxos Seaways Project, was assistant director of the Keros Island Survey, and have co-directed work at Phylakopi. At Cambridge I am working with Colin Renfrew in publishing the Cambridge Keros Project.  I have conducted and published numerous geophysical research projects in Greece, Albania and Bulgaria.


  • Urbanism
  • Material Culture
  • Magnetometry
  • Prehistory
  • GIS
  • Agricultural Intensification
  • Archaeological Science
  • The Mediterranean
  • Mortuary analysis
  • Island studies
  • Religion
  • Archeometallurgy
  • The Body
  • Agricultural Terraces
  • Archaeological Theory
  • Archaeology
  • GPS


  • Inventions and innovations
  • Material Culture
  • Archaeological Science
  • Knowledge transmission
  • Dynamics of Complex Societies
  • Material culture and technology
  • Archaeometallurgy
  • Archaeology


  • Geoscan RM15 Earth Resistance Meter
  • Leica TS02/TS06 Total Station