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Department of Archaeology

Friday, 20 January, 2023 - 13:15
Event speaker: 
Matilde Quilici, PhD candidate at KU Leuven

Since antiquity, mortars played an important role in building and construction.

Archaeological excavations at the site of Sagalassos showed that architectural remains

were well-preserved, revealing abundant mortar evidence. Few archaeometric studies

have investigated Sagalassian mortars. These analyses were mainly developed in view of conservation efforts because these structural remains are completely exposed to the elements. This research offers a different perspective as it aims to reconstruct the chaîne opératoire of mortars at Sagalassos during the Roman Imperial Period. In this light, a key aspect is represented by the provenance of mortar raw materials.

Within the framework of this study, the main methods for provenancing the different raw materials that make up mortars will be briefly reviewed. Special focus will be paid to tracing the provenance of the stones that were used to produce mortar binders, a subject that still remains largely unexplored.


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Event location: 
McDonald Seminar Room
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