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Department of Archaeology

Friday, 20 January, 2023 - 13:15
Event speaker: 
Christiana Kelepeshi, PhD candidate at KU Leuven

This presentation will discuss the preliminary results of my ongoing PhD research which focuses on the analytical examination of table wares from the site of Sagalassos (southwest Anatolia) in a diachronic perspective, from the Hellenistic (c.333 – 25 BC) to the Early Medieval period (c.650 – 750 AD). The main aim of this study is to reconstruct the tableware production in the region of Sagalassos in the long-term by addressing questions related to the procurement and processing of raw materials as well as the organisation of production. For that purpose, samples dating to different chronological phases of the site’s occupational history have been selected and are being analysed following an integrated approach which includes macroscopic examination, thin-section ceramic petrography and geochemical characterisation (ICP-OES & -MS). So far, around 100 samples have been analysed allowing us to draw some preliminary conclusions concerning the technology of ceramic production at Sagalassos over time.


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Event location: 
McDonald Seminar Room
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