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Department of Archaeology

Thursday, 2 May, 2019 - 13:00
Event speaker: 
Gian Piero Milani (University of Oxford)

During the Hellenistic period, the polis of Krane saw a new development, with the establishment of a large orthogonally planned settlement along the shores of the Koutavos Bay. After the construction of a significant part of the enceinte and the laying of roads, the project was abandoned, and according to archaeological data no population ever settled there.

The study and mapping of this never inhabited settlement, has been made difficult by the intensive afforestation which has interested the area in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in 1953. Today, the study of WW2 Allied aerial photographs allows to undertake a new mapping of the city, effectively doubling the known size. This talk firstly aims to present a case study on the methodological application of aerial imagery for the study of inaccessible areas and regions subject to intensive natural and geological phenomena. Secondly, a new interpretation of the settlement patterns of Krane is provided, reading the new planned city in the framework of the settlement dynamics of the polis. In particular, the distribution of natural resources and their exploitation is used as a starting point for the analysis of the economic model behind the life of these ancient communities.

Event location: 
McDonald Institute Seminar Room
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